Make-up for eyes.
Make-up for eyes.
Make-up for eyes.
Wedding make-up.
Make-up for the bride.
Visage for photosession.
Make-up for day time cosmetics M.A.C.
Visage for lips.
Retro make-up.
Make-up of eyes an arrow.
Visage for brunettes.
Make-up with cosmetics MAKE UP FOR EVER, Paris Berlin, SLA, CINECITTA
Make-up for brown eyes.
Wedding visage.
Visage with cosmetics M.A.C., MAKE-UP ATELIER
Visage for photosession.
Man's hairstyle
Make-up in style 20 - х
Make-up for blondes with cosmetics MAKE-UP ATELIER
Make-up of eyes smoky eyes.
Visage, an individual bright and unforgettable image.
Make-up for the final party.
Visage for lips.

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   Whether soon will be a holiday, an important meeting or party?

   You want to have perfect view and to be irresistible all the day?

   You are in a waiting of important event?

   I'm as a professional of my business, will help you to look delightful, in regardless of what it can be wedding, high event, leaving party, anniversary or appointment. Memoirs on these unforgettable events, should remain in your memory as happy and very bright, and your photos - simply incomparable. Make a celebratory or evening make-up, I will help to bring to perfection your look, and this unusual day you will remember.

   I with pleasure offer for you a full complex of professional stylist-visagiste services in the Kharkov:

-design of an individual, bright and unforgettable style;

-creation of harmonious "composition" of the face, definition of the composition center and arrangement of accents;

-professional make-up, wedding, high, and evening;

-make-up for cocktail, daily, business, club, podium and for children's.

-creation of the "ecologically clean"(natural) and a fine-refined image (visibility of absence of cosmetics);

-visage for photo and video sessions;

-design of a decorative face make-up according to colour-type;

-and many diversified ideas and decisions.

   In my work around creation of a make-up I use only qualitative luxe cosmetics of the approved brand - professional French decorative cosmetics Belavance La BIOSTHETIQUE, M.A.C., MAKE-UP ATELIER , and also MAKE UP FOR EVER, Paris Berlin, SLA, CINECITTA, they flavourless and free from preservatives, that suitable for a make-up of a sensitive skin. I guarantee an individual amenity to each client and I will make for your fashion and hairdresses several kinds of make-ups for different cases.

   Professional visage it is a prepared skin, for coating, with make-up, competently colour tone selection which corresponding with your appearance, colour type, age, an dress where colours are perfectly comply with each other and with a skin shade, creating velvety, as if make-up is playing with light, with amazing resistance. The make-up, this is a magic wand, which will favourably present and will underline all your advantages, will veil lacks, will make a mystery from the woman.

   I carefully treat brushes and tools after each client with disinfectant. Also I carry out antiseptic treating of a skin before visage. OKTENISEPT® - is a wide spectrum antimicrobic cleaner, and does not dry a skin.

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